CBRS Auction results now available

Results of the CBRS auction are now available on the maps. The licenses were auctioned off at the county level (PEA/2017 counties). The FCC still has not made their licenses available in the ULS system so there is no link to the official FCC license in the ULS.

The licenses are 10MHz chunks each, but they aren’t assigned a specific frequency block. The spectrum licensees have purchased a “Priority Access” license, which means that they have priority over General Access users (and the former users of the spectrum have priority over both groups). Instead, all users of the spectrum will use a “SAS” or Spectrum Access System in order to coordinate frequency usage in each county. Out of the 100MHz available (3550-3650MHz) there were 7 10MHz licenses available. Most of the winners were cable TV companies (Charter, Comcast. Cox), Verizon, Dish, and a host of other smaller companies or companies looking to eventually resell the spectrum licenses for a profit.