Spectrum Map update – July 2020! [U]

I’ve been investing time to improve the data quality and completeness in the Spectrum Map, and am finally ready to deliver some of these enhancements! I’m super excited that I can now display P35 GSA BRS/EBS licenses into mappable areas!

BRS/EBS point-based licenses now available!

I have added EBS licenses (Educational Broadband Services) to the map. In order to do this I needed to be able to convert the unique license style (P35 GSA) into a BTA area. P35 GSA licenses are licenses that are assigned on a point/radius basis. This makes them difficult to map. For my spectrum map, I have coded the points into a BTA area, and will display that license in the list for that BTA area. This will also apply to BRS licenses as well, as some of those licenses are P35 GSA (others are BTA-based).

The point will be denoted as a P35 license in the pop-up for that BTA.

One of the caveats is if the 35 mile radius extends into other BTAs, the license will not show up in those BTAs – I am only coding the center point of the license.

Update: As of July 29, I am now able to code both the center point of the license and license area when P35 licenses cross between BTAs. They are indicated on the map tooltip as “P35 Center” and “P35 Radius”.


In the pop-up for each area, I am noting licenses that are leased out to others, along with a link to the leased license. This is especially useful for the BRS/EBS licenses as those licenses tend to be leased out from the local authority/government to T-Mobile (well, used to be Sprint, but the merger happened).

Special Temporary Authority/Development

The other improvement I’m happy to deliver is reporting if a license is a STA/Development license. This is useful to know if you see multiple license holders in an area, you know which one is the permanent one and which one is a temporary license.

I am continuing to work on other improvements as well, I hope to deliver them in a few months. Stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Spectrum Map update – July 2020! [U]”

  1. Glad to see this site’s not completely dormant.

    One thing I noticed poking around was that Sprint is still in the carrier dropdown, but all their licences have been consolidated with TMobile; so the Big Fourish probably should be reduced to the big Threeish.

  2. Just want to say tanks! It is awesome to have all this up-to-date info freely and easily available. You are awesome!

  3. What happened to the 850 MHz band licenses Sprint acquired from NexTel? They’re not showing on your map, but information elsewhere says that SprinTMobile still owns them (with Dish having an option to buy them in 3 years).

    1. I have added this to the backlog. I think I have to add the “YH” band (800MHz SMR) to the map. Once I figure out the channels/maps then I can add it to the list of bands to process.

  4. This is a terrific resource and your efforts are much appreciated. Great contribution to our industry. Thank You.

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