December 2021 Update!

Hi everyone!

I’ve spent the last few months working hard on cleaning up the BRS/EBS data. The more I dug, the more I found I had to correct for.


There are very few licenses that still use the “Old” band plan. Virtually all the licenses are using the “New” band plan (there have been many recent conversions, even in the last few months – as I was combing through the data I saw a lot of October and November 2021 dates for some licenses switching from Old to New). Be aware there are still inconsistencies in the FCC’s ULS database – there are lots of licenses where it says they’re using the New band plan but have the Old frequencies associated on the Map view of the license.

I’m convinced at this point that T-Mobile doesn’t own those J/K blocks. I’ve checked everywhere in the FCC data dump and didn’t find any records that showed they own those J/K blocks.

Next on the agenda for BRS/EBS is to start using spatial analysis to “split the football” on overlapping P35 licenses. I used to do spatial analysis for a living so I’m eager to get back into it and figure out how to solve this problem. If I’m successful I do plan on trying to make a BRS/EBS map, but it will be paywalled after a short beta period.


I’ve added AT&T’s Firstnet holdings. However, they still don’t appear in the FCC ULS data dump, so there are no hyperlinks to link back to.

Thats all, have a great holidays and let’s hope 2022 can return us to a little bit more normal times.

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