Auction 108 Results now available

The FCC finally received authorization from Congress and the White House to issue licenses from Auction 108 (which happened almost two years ago). T-Mobile won the vast majority of these licenses.

The licenses were issued on Leap Day (2/29/24) but didn’t flow into the map automatically because the FCC insisted on organizing the data differently for those licensees in the database.

Additionally, the FCC licensed the Auction 108 areas based on county boundaries. However, those boundaries changed over time, and the county boundaries of 1990 (which serve as the baseline for BTA, the license area type for EBS/BRS) are different from today. So, additional work needed to be done to roll back any county boundary or name changes from today to 1990 (looking at you Alaska, revamping a third of your state’s county boundaries!).

Finally, as a reminder, these licenses are overlay licenses. While you see them attached to counties, and the FCC ULS Maps may indicate an entire county, they are limited based on previously issued licenses for the same frequencies.

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