Data Update & Clean-up

Downloaded new data for the Bands map for April. I’m still waiting on the FCC to approve several of the pending spectrum acquisitions  (cable companies to Verizon, AT&T AWS to T-Mobile, etc) before I do a visual map update.

I’m still trying to build something to allow people to visualize spectrum blocks subdivided geographically and by frequency. We’ll see…

6 thoughts on “Data Update & Clean-up”

  1. Cool site. It’s very helpful in understanding who owns what and where. Do you have plans to eventually include the Sprint/Nextel 800 spectrum on your map?

    1. Every time I try to download the 800Mhz SMR data from the FCC’s website, it breaks their server, so until they fix that, I cant add it to the map.

  2. Hi,

    I am unable to view a lot of the maps as the screen just locks on “Please wait” Is there any way I could get fixed images?


    1. You’ll need a desktop browser – preferably Google Chrome. This website doesn’t work on mobile devices or iPads.

  3. Hi Anthony, wonder if you could pull data for NTelos and add it to the regional carriers category.

    I love your website and think it’s a great tool to dig through the massive mess that is cellular radio licensing.

    1. Now that the AT&T and tmobile spectrum assignment has been approved, I’ll update the data and try to find nTelos in the FCCs database at the end of the month.

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