More Data Clean-up

In the wake of the FCC approving the Verizon-SpectrumCo deal this week, I assigned all Cox and SpectrumCo licenses to Verizon (though I haven’t updated the associated deals – Leap, MetroPCS and T-Mobile; for those I’m waiting for updated FCC license data).

I also went through and built software to make generating the updated datasets for the carriers and bands pages faster and easier for me. Which is good because I’m going to have less time on my hands since I’m going to business school for my MBA.

Once the FCC updates its database for the acquisitions, I’ll pull the data from their website and update my datasets.

8 thoughts on “More Data Clean-up”

  1. Hey I really like your mapper, used it in the past and it was great. Anyway, it doesn’t seem to be working. Tried multiple different browsers and doesn’t work. It shows a blank google map with no data. Any tips?

  2. Can you also add Nextel’s 800 MHz spectrum to Sprint’s lineup? I noticed that was missing also and is a big piece of Sprint’s Network Vision plan.

  3. Your mapper is awesome! I have been trying to find something like this for a long time. I was looking again to find out what the situation was with the spectrum T-Mobile got from Verizon, but it looks like you still don’t have the data from the FCC?

    Also, this works great in IE10 as well…

  4. Mapper shows Verizon owning 39 A-Block 700 MHz licenses. They actually only own 24. Chicago-Gary-Kenosha BEA (BEA064) was transferred to Leap International (Cricket). It appears the other 14 mapped as Verizon are the Cox Communications A-Block which were not sold to Verizon. Cox sold 4 of the BEAs to United States Cellular and still owns 10 of them. Verzion’s B-Block 700 MHz CMA licenses should total 54 rather than 65. I have not checked to see all individual errors but an example of one is WY-CMA245-B (Ocala, FL). It was won in Auction 73 by Cox and later sold to AT&T but is mapped as Verizon. See:

    P.S. The tool you have built has fantastic potential but it is only useful if the data is correct which is admittedly a challenge because it is a constantly moving target.

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t updated the map since August since I have retuned to school and am working a full schedule.

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