November Data Update

I’ve updated the bands and metro area (but not carriers, I swear I’ll get it done next month – work+school+social life means I don’t have much free time). Also you may need to clear your browser cache if the new bands.json file wont download.

It appears that the Verizon/T-Mobile AWS swap is included in this months data, which makes the maps incredibly messy (also I think the FCC hasn’t removed some of the old data – so it may come up as shared when its really not). Also included is some of AT&T’s 700MHz B/C block transactions with smaller carriers – their goal with this is to acquire 700MHz spectrum in rural areas where they have wireline service.

One thought on “November Data Update”

  1. Great work! Very useful.

    As I’ve mentioned in a comment before there is one small error… The 700 MHz Lower Band A-Block BEA0025 (Wilmington) License – WQIZ561 is owned by Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. rather than AT&T.

    P.S. I’ve noticed that it is also wrong on the FCC Dashboard when using the search feature. The actual license record has no evidence AT&T owns, leases, or is in anyway involved in this BEA license. It also states that “License WQIZ561 has not been partitioned or disaggregated”. I think Horry has some sort of marketing arrangement with AT&T in other spectrum blocks but it is not the case in 700 A-Block. Maybe someone at the FCC simply made a data entry error. Just fyi…

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