Spectrum Mapper Version 1.5 Released

I’ve updated the spectrum mapper app to version 1.5. It’s now able to use the FCC License View data for the maps, but not the metro spectrum breakdown (thats still running on old FCC Spectrum Dashboard data).

The new features are:

  • New, slightly more accurate data source
  • Direct link into the FCC’s ULS for each license.

The SMR and EBS/BRS spectrum is a bit messy – the spectrum licenses I download don’t correspond to the ULS, so there are mismatches and somewhat clumsy records.

I will continue to do what I can for the metro spectrum breakdown, but that will be a much more involved effort, which may take me the rest of the summer.

Feedback is welcome! Drop a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Spectrum Mapper Version 1.5 Released”

  1. Great job, as always, although there are a few licenses missing Raleigh-Durham, NC F block in AWS in particular.

    1. Nothing unless you can convince the FCC to make an API for the ULS data that includes county level disaggregation data!

    1. The areas near the Mexican border have slightly different rules because the spectrum has to not interfere with transmissions on the same frequency in Mexico. They may show up in slightly different frequency bands.

      1. I understand and the FCC has already worked with the Mexican government on a 800 MHz reband plan that is already in effect. It is going to take some time for both sides to free up the necessary 800 MHz spectrum that allow Sprint to deploy CDMA and LTE. Also only part the southern part of Los Angeles is not covered by 800 MHz.

        Approved 800 MHz reband plan for US/Mexico as of Aug 23, 2013.

        New 800 MHz band plan detail description for US/Mexico

        Picture of new 800 MHz band plan between US/Mexico

  2. Anthony, thanks, this is incredible.. it makes it so much easier to visualize. Have you thought about stacked bar charts for each carrier in the area to show relative spectrum? (sounds easy but I’s sure its not!)

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